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Transform Private Feedback into Public Reviews with AI Generated Reviews
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Feedback Made Manageable: Respond Promptly, Connect Deeply, and Build Strong Customer Relationships.
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Two way conversation with your contacts via messaging.
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Add Customer Value by Replying to your Customers, Sending Coupons and Keeping them Happy
Reply to Feedback to Convert Bad Customer Experiences to Good Ones
Send replies back and forth instantly
Send coupon codes & other offers
Spokk - Reply to Feedback to Convert Bad Customer Experiences to Good Ones
Encourage Feedback with Coupons & Retain your Customers
Customize coupon codes
Send coupon codes automatically
Increase loyal customers
Spokk - Encourage Feedback with Coupons & Retain your Customers
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4. More Public Reviews, More Customers

Customers can easily copy + paste the AI generated review on public review platform, helping new customers discover your business.
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Origin Story

I'm Samesh 👋
Founder of Spokk and here's my story

Here's the story behind Spokk

My journey with Spokk started when I admitted my mom to a reputed hospital in Sri Lanka for routine tests. The experience was dismal; forgotten medicine, long waits, and overall poor service.

This is a feeling everyone of us has gone through at least once in life. A horrible customer experience makes us cut off that business forever, even tell our friends about it too.

Our first instinct would be to leave a 1 star Google review, but only a handful of people do this, and this does not solve the problem. A majority of people with average experiences would just go to a competitor the next time.

The worse part was that the management of the hospital would never know what happened. The only way to give feedback was through a handwritten form. This meant no video, no photos and no way of receiving a reply (if they even get the paper in the first place).

I decided to build something to give companies a chance to improve. If you, as a customer have a bad experience, this should go straight to the company, as fast as possible. This, I believe is what Spokk will do for you.


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