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Our 10 best wireframe tools for UX designers in 2023

Our 10 best wireframe tools for UX designers in 2023

Do you design UX and need a wireframe tool that won't break the bank? Here are 10 of the best UX wireframe tools. With them, you can create great prototypes without spending too much.


Creating a great user experience needs the right mix of strategy and design. Obtaining quality wireframes is vital for successful UX design. Wireframes help designers communicate their product's central message, plan out the structure of their user interface, prototype different parts of a project, get feedback, and guide development teams.

Experienced UX designers know they need the right tools for wireframing. This article looks at the top 10 best UX wireframe tools for 2023. So you can create a fantastic user experience!

What is UX Wireframing?

UX Wireframing is the practice of making blueprints of a product. It's used by UX designers and developers to create a product faster and without much coding or debugging.

The main benefit of wireframing is that it helps designers and developers efficiently organize elements on the page and make the user experience better. It also aids collaboration by allowing multiple people to give ideas quickly.

UX wireframing tools offer pre-made elements (like navigation, buttons, and input fields) that can be dragged and dropped onto an online Canvas. Users can customize the template by adding alternative screen flows or extra functions. This way, teams can make professional mockups in one go.

By doing this, UX Wireframes help teams design products that users can understand and easily navigate. Companies can prioritize functions before investing in expensive resources like coding or designs. This also allows them to minimize risk while investing in what works best for their users.

Benefits of Wireframing

Wireframing has many advantages for UX designers. It helps turn ideas into a reality by showing the product's structure and how it works before it's made. Benefits include:

  • Better communication: Wireframes make it easy for UX designers and developers to see how each feature looks and how users use it.
  • More effective usability tests: Wireframes are like the real thing, so you can quickly and accurately test user interfaces. This saves time and money by finding design problems sooner in the development.
  • Lower building costs: You can ensure the product works with wireframes. This will save money and improve user experience.
  • More efficient: Wireframes give UX designers a foundation to make decisions quickly and without problems. This increases productivity as features are built without issues.

10 UX Wireframe Tools for UX Designers in 2023

UX wireframe tools are a must for UX design. They let designers rapidly prototype and brainstorm different designs for apps and websites. UX designers use these tools to make interactive models of their ideas, which can be changed with annotations and visuals before user testing. There are many wireframing tools, so it can take time to pick one.

To help, here is a list of the top 10 UX wireframe tools for 2023:

  1. Adobe XD: This all-in-one platform has many services, from creating quick low-fidelity prototypes to designing high-fidelity mockups. It has features like global libraries, grids and columns, images, text fields, and more. It's great for beginners and experienced users.
  2. Mockplus: This tool is easy to use - just drag and drop. It supports the mobile-first design process without coding and allows users to quickly build prototypes on multiple platforms.
  3. Figma: This online design tool makes collaboration within teams easier. It has object libraries, components importing, and more. People from other departments can give feedback without coding knowledge.
  4. InVision Studio: This powerhouse designer tool is excellent for prototyping digital products. It has features like Zeplin, which allows instant collaboration, and elements like buttons and transitions.
  5. UXPin: This software has a drag & drop interface. It also has a library of elements, smart layers feature, and a native desktop app.
  6. Axure RP: This is ideal for creating responsive websites. It has a Wysiwyg Web Authoring Interface and works on both Mac and PC.
  7. ProtoPie: This powerful tool creates complex interactive movies, animations, and more without coding. It also has an intuitive UI.
  8. Balsamiq: This website wireframing tool is clutter-free and reminiscent of pencil and paper. It has version controls and comment features.
  9. Flinto: This tool is all about animation. It makes animated transitions and physics-based effects quickly. It also has previews and integrated servers.
  10. Justinmind: This has a vast repository of template views and hundreds of widgets. It connects to Sketch servers and is excellent for sharing scenarios.


Finally, wireframing is a must-do for UX design. It can be a hassle, but there are tools and resources to craft terrific wireframes fast. Plus, some tools have user testing and feedback features. We've listed the top 10 UX wireframe tools.

UX designers need one or two tools, depending on what they prefer. We hope this guide made it easier to select the right product. When investing in software for 2023, make sure you find one that meets all your needs for good UX design outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best UX wireframe tools for UX designers in 2023?

A1: The top 10 best UX wireframe tools for UX designers in 2023 are Figma, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Axure RP, Proto.io, InVision, Moqups, UXPin, Mockplus, and Justinmind.

What features do these UX wireframe tools offer?

These UX wireframe tools offer features such as drag-and-drop interfaces for rapid prototyping, easy collaboration between teams, version control and comparison, real-time collaboration, and responsive design options.

Are these UX wireframe tools free?

Some of these UX wireframe tools offer free versions, while others offer paid versions with more features. It is best to determine which parts you need and find the best tool for your needs.

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