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How to get Customer Feedback and Online Reviews for a Salon?

How to get Customer Feedback and Online Reviews for a Salon?

As salon owners, understanding the significance of customer feedback is crucial for the success of your business. It helps build customer loyalty, provides valuable insights into areas for improvement, and measures customer satisfaction.

Studies have shown that 89% of customers are willing to switch to a competitor following a bad experience. (Harris Interactive) Salons can collect customer feedback through various methods.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer feedback is crucial for salon owners as it builds loyalty, identifies areas for improvement, measures satisfaction, and attracts new customers.
  • Salons can gather feedback through various means including in-person forms, online surveys, social media reviews, and feedback apps like Spokk.
  • Spokk is an AI-powered feedback app that transforms private feedback into public reviews, offers real-time analysis, and generates review drafts for salon owners.

Why Is Customer Feedback & Online Reviews Important For Salons?

Understanding how customers perceive your services in a salon is critical to business success. By actively listening to feedback and implementing necessary changes, salon owners can create a customer-centric environment that fosters trust and long-term relationships with clients. This not only enhances the overall experience for existing customers but also acts as a magnet for new clients seeking quality services and personalized attention.

"In the salon industry, customer feedback is not only a measure of satisfaction. It's a mirror reflecting what is working well, what can be improved, and where innovations can be implemented to provide an even better experience."

  • Building Customer Loyalty: Collecting and implementing feedback cultivates loyalty among salon clients. Prompt responses and positive changes resulting from feedback make customers feel valued, increasing the likelihood of their continued patronage and their act of recommending the salon to their network.
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement: Customer feedback offers insights into areas that need refining, such as service quality, staff interactions, or ambiance. Salons can use this feedback to adjust their offerings, aligning them more closely with customer wishes and needs.
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Feedback analysis helps measure overall customer satisfaction. It provides salons with detailed insights into customer preferences and expectations. Making data-informed decisions based on customer feedback can lead to enhanced customer experiences and increased loyalty, which in turn may attract new clients.
  • Increasing Referrals and Attracting New Customers: Positive online reviews act as a powerful marketing tool in the salon industry, inspiring trust and confidence in potential customers. Client reviews can influence others' decisions about trying a new salon, leading to an increase in its client base.

Why Is It Difficult To Collect Customer Feedback And Online Reviews?

Collecting customer feedback efficiently can be a tough task for salons. This challenging process can be attributed to these reasons:

  • Fear of Negative Feedback: Often, salon owners shy away from collecting customer reviews fearing negative comments. However, they are actually a tool for learning and improvement.
  • Busy Schedules: Customers may be too busy to take time out and provide feedback. A cordial nudge without pestering can serve the purpose.
  • Lack of Suitable Systems: Absence of a streamlined method for collecting and managing reviews can hamper the process. Efficient systems like Spokk can make it easier.
  • Lengthy Surveys: One of the main reasons customers tend to skip giving feedback is the lengthiness of the surveys. A long, drawn-out survey can seem exhausting and time-consuming.
  • Invade Personal Space: Collecting feedback in a salon setting can be unique due to the intimate nature of the experience. It's best to approach clients subtly, respecting their space and waiting until the session is over to ensure their experience is fresh in their mind. Always aim to enhance their post-salon glow, not invade their serenity.
  • Privacy Concerns: Customers may hesitate to give their honest opinions publicly. Providing an option for anonymous feedback or using platforms like Spokk that converts private feedback to public reviews can alleviate this issue.
  • Too complicated: Keeping the feedback collection method as simple as possible is very important to get as many responses as possible.
  • Lack of incentive: may make customers less willing to leave feedback. Offering your customers a chance to win a free service or a substantial discount can motivate them to take time to share their thoughts and experiences.

Recognizing the difficulties ahead frees you to plan a smooth and effective way to collect valuable customer feedback.

How Can Salons Collect Customer Feedback?

Salons can collect customer feedback through various channels such as in-person feedback forms, online surveys, social media reviews, and feedback apps like Spokk. Each method offers unique opportunities to gather insights from salon clients and improve services.

In-Person Feedback Forms & Kiosks

In-person feedback forms and kiosks provide an easily accessible platform for customers to share their experiences. Immediately after a service, your customers can fill out these forms or use kiosks to give you their honest insights. This real-time feedback method, particularly relevant in a physical setting like a salon, can generate valuable data for you, enabling your team to swiftly address any issues which might have come up during the service.

Online Surveys

Online surveys are an efficient way to gather customer feedback for your salon. By incorporating a mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions, you can gain insights into various aspects of your service. You may ask about the cleanliness of your salon, the quality of the treatments, the professionalism of your staff, and even about the overall experience. Always remember to keep your survey brief to respect your customers' time. Digital platforms, email marketing tools and even SMS services can be a good way to distribute these surveys.

Social Media Reviews

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp, have become among the top avenues for clients to voice their experiences, with salon owners and managers continually harnessing them to gather valuable feedback. Encouraging guests to leave reviews on these platforms can lend credibility to your alon, while giving you a chance to interact with your clientele directly. Be responsive by thanking them for positive feedback and address negative reviews with solutions and promises of improvement. Remember, everyone can view these interactions, so your responsiveness may dictate your future business prospects.

Dedicated Feedback Apps like Spokk

If you're exploring other channels for collecting customer feedback, consider dedicated feedback apps like Spokk. This intuitive tool transforms private feedback into public reviews, and even offers AI-generated review drafts. The real-time analysis features give you immediate insights into client experiences. If you want not only to gather feedback, but also utilize it effectively, Spokk could be an excellent tool to integrate into your salon's daily operations.

What Aspects Of Feedback Is Necessary?

Measure Performance Of Individual Feedback Attributes

Measuring individual feedback attributes help you break down the performance of different sections of your Salon. To improve something, you first need to understand what can be improved. Here are some sample feedback attributes for a Salon.

  • Service Quality: This relates to how satisfactory the salon services were in terms of the treatments provided, the products used, and overall experience during the service.
  • Staff Behavior: This indicates how polite, friendly, and professional the salon staff were during the visit.
  • Ambience: The ambiance and cleanliness of the salon are critical for a relaxing and rejuvenating customer experience. The decor, lighting, background music, and cleanliness are important factors to be gauged.
  • Value for Money: Customers want to know if they are getting the best value for their money and this attribute helps determine if your prices are reasonable for the services you offer.
  • Reliability: This refers to whether the salon was able to deliver the promised service on time and with consistency. Reliability is key to maintain trust between the salon and its customers.
  • Convenience: Factors like location of the salon, ease of booking appointments, and accessibility of your salon services fall under convenience. This is an important facet of the overall customer experience.

Section For Written Comments

Let's not forget the power of written comments! Offering a section on your feedback forms for open-ended comments gives customers the chance to voice their thoughts in their own words. This method can garner more detailed and authentic criticism, praises and suggestions. You may be amazed at the insightful kernels you can gather from these unstructured responses.

  • Encourage customers to detail their experiences for actionable insights.
  • Delve into customers' unique needs and expectations.
  • Unearth opportunities for growth and novel service ideas.
  • Make sense of patterns in comments to streamline salon operations.
  • Take advantage of spontaneous testimonials that sprout from these sections.

Measure Customer Facing Employee Performance

Collecting feedback on your salon's frontline staff helps improve customer service. This can be carried out with a dedicated section in your feedback form where clients rate their experiences with individual employees. By posing questions about staff attentiveness, product knowledge, attitude, and overall client interaction in an online survey, you can gauge performance and establish areas of improvement.

Things to Remember:

  • Ensure you're not just asking for feedback on subpar experiences, but also for positive experiences. This can provide a nice morale boost for staff members when customers sing their praises.
  • Make sure the feedback process is anonymous. This can encourage more honest feedback as customers might feel more comfortable sharing their experiences.
  • Customer reviews should not be the only method of assessing employee performance. They should compliment traditional methods of employee assessment like management reviews, self-evaluations, peer reviews and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Collect Photos And Videos For Evidence And Testimonials

Collecting customer feedback in the form of photos and videos can be a game-changer. Not only does it provide a wealth of direct insights into your customer's experiences, but it also allows for creating a powerful, authentic marketing content. Let's delve a bit deeper into this:

  • Tangible Proof: Photos and videos offer tangible proof of the services provided. They showcase actual outcomes, not just claims.
  • Real Insights: Observing a customer's facial expressions or reactions in real-time can provide a wealth of unspoken feedback.
  • Authentic Content: Personal photos and videos can be leveraged for promotional purposes. This content particularly resonates because it features real customers instead of professional models.
  • Encourages Engagement: User-generated content often encourages other customers to share their own experiences, further promoting your salon.

What Are Some Tips for Encouraging Customers to Leave Feedback?

Gathering customer feedback and online reviews is key to a salon's growth. Here are some ideas to help you maximize the amount of feedback you receive.

  • Offer Incentives: Rewards like discounts or loyalty points to motivate customers to provide their opinions.
  • Make It Easy to Leave Feedback: Introduce simplified, user-friendly methods for customers to leave their feedback. This could include online platforms or easy-to-fill forms.
  • Ask for Feedback at the Right Time: Seek feedback immediately after service appointments as emotions and thoughts are fresh, leading to more accurate and relevant feedback.
  • Respond to Feedback in a Timely Manner: Promptly acknowledge customer feedback to enhance trust, rectify any issues quickly, and demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

How Can Salon Owners Utilize Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is an invaluable asset to any salon. Attentive salon owners who utilize this feedback can not only enhance their service quality but also strengthen customer loyalty and attract new clients. By engaging with customer reviews and taking action on their suggestions, salon owners can cultivate continuous improvement, creating a solid reputation while winning over potential customers with positive reviews.

  • Keenly Acknowledge Customer Reviews: One way to solidify your salon's reputation is by proactively responding to all types of reviews -- whether positive or negative. This openness underlines your dedication towards achieving customer satisfaction and gradually builds a base of fiercely loyal customers.
  • Act on Feedback: When customers see their suggestions being acknowledged and implemented, they feel valued. This effort on your part not only enhances service quality but also enriches the overall customer experience at your salon.
  • Showcase positive reviews: Highlighting satisfied customers' testimonials works wonders for marketing your salon. These "outside" opinions about your services serve as social proof, influencing potential customers' decisions in your favor and driving them towards choosing your services.
  • Progressive Improvement: By absorbing and acting on customer feedback, you are fostering a culture of constant progression and iterative improvement within your salon, which is vital for long-term success.
  • Attract New Customers: Positive feedback and glowing reviews are like magnets for new customers. By showcasing your customer satisfaction levels, you can attract potential customers and convert them into your salon's loyal clients.

How Does Spokk Streamline Collecting Feedback And Online Reviews For A Salon?

Spokk is a cutting-edge feedback app designed to revolutionize how service based businesses can collect and manage customer feedback. Spokk does a few things and it does them really well. Let me go through them one by one.

Extremely Short But Customizable Feedback Form For Quick Completion

Spokk offers extremely short but customizable feedback forms, which are designed for a seamless, speedy completion. It is user-friendly even for customers who are not tech-savvy, offering questions with yes/no responses or rating scales, helping salons gather insights quickly.

Automatically Generates An AI Review Draft Using Feedback

Spokk can analyze feedback from customers and automatically generate a draft review. This means the customer won't have to write a long narrative. Instead, they'll simply review the draft and make adjustments as needed before giving their approval for publication. It's a time-saving way for your customers to leave valuable feedback.

Allows You To Add And Measure Your Own Feedback Attributes

Spokk fully understands this and allows you to add your own feedback attributes, giving you the flexibility to focus on aspects that matter most to your business. It can be the quality of the treatments, the ambience, or even the cleanliness, you decide!

Measure Customer-Facing Employee Performance

Spokk simplifies measuring the performance of your customer-facing employees with a dynamic 5-star rating system built into their feedback form. This reveals invaluable insights at a glance - with high ratings indicating employee proficiency and low ratings identifying potential areas for improvement. Ultimately, this will even motivate your employees to perform better and serve their customers better.

Reply To Customer Feedback

Imagine a customer has just shared their feedback with you. In an ideal world, you'd be able to reply, right? With Spokk, you can! Direct engagement encourages better customer relationships and allows you to address any issues directly and promptly. This can turn a potentially negative situation into a positive outcome.

Incentivize Feedback With Coupon Codes & Offers

Spokk allows the provision of incentives such as coupon codes or special offers to customers who take the time to provide their thought. Who doesn't love a good deal for a few minutes of their time, right?

Collect Video And Text Testimonials From Customers (Coming Soon)

Spokk will soon allow you to collect video and text testimonials from your satisfied customers. This direct endorsement from customers not only reinforces positive customer experiences but also serves as convincing social proof to potential salon-goers who trust peer recommendations. After all, a good word from a happy customer can carry your brand farther and wider than any advertising campaign ever could.

Want to give Spokk a spin? Create a free account here.


And there you have it -- a full guide on how to gather customer feedback and manage online reviews for your salon. We've talked about the significance of client insights for enhancing your offerings, discussed several methods of gathering feedback, and even given you tips on encouraging your customers to share their thoughts. Remember, consistent feedback invites continuous improvement. One particularly efficient and effective tool to streamline this process is Spokk. With its customizable forms and built-in review generation feature, it can greatly assist you in delivering an exceptional salon experience. Utilizing a platform like Spokk not only makes the process easier but could also be the key to taking your salon business to new heights.


Q: Why is client feedback important for salons?

A: Client feedback is crucial for salons to understand their customers' needs, improve client satisfaction, and enhance the overall salon experience.

Q: How can salons collect client feedback?

A: Salons can collect client feedback through surveys, suggestion boxes, online review platforms, and direct conversations with clients.

Q: What should salon owners do with negative reviews?

A: Salon owners should address negative reviews promptly, apologize for any shortcomings, and take proactive steps to resolve the issue to improve client satisfaction.

Q: How can salons use client reviews to improve their SEO?

A: Salons can incorporate client reviews with relevant keywords on their website and online profiles to improve their search engine rankings and attract more customers.

Q: Why are client reviews important for hair salons?

A: Client reviews are important for salons as they provide valuable insights into areas for improvement, help attract new clients, and build credibility in the industry.

Q: What are some effective ways for salons to encourage clients to leave reviews?

A: Salons can offer incentives, such as discounts or loyalty points, for clients to leave reviews, actively request feedback during appointments, and create a seamless review submission process.

Q: How can salon owners leverage client feedback to enhance client retention?

A: Salon owners can use client feedback to identify trends, address common concerns, personalize services, and create a more satisfying experience to enhance client retention and loyalty.

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